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About us

Hello, We are Eric, Keyla, Marie, Keren, Kelsy, and our partner Martin.  My family and I have been vegan for 4 years. During the transition to eating plant based we stopped eating a lot of our favorite dishes. But once we were more familiar with plant based ingredients we slowly started to make all of our favorite recipes vegan. We were amazed at how delicious our recipes came out. We always shared our food at family gatherings and with non vegan friends and they would always compliment our food. In 2018 the youngest of the family Keren thought it would be a great idea to share our yummy recipes with the world. Here we are now 2019 opening our first restaurant ever. We hope you all enjoy our favorite homemade dishes! 

More than "just eating grass"

Being vegan for years now we've gotten used to those who make fun of us for "just eating grass". In reality we eat so many amazing and yummy dishes, now more than ever. We want everyone to enjoy vegan food whether your omnivore, carnivore, or choose to eat any kind of diet. We want to take away the stereotype of plant based food being boring, tasteless, or not good. We hope you all enjoy the food as much as we do. 

Its more than just eating actually, here at Earth we want to help the planet, encourage others to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, and care about the planet. During the construction of our restaurant we recycled and repurposed so many materials. Our tables and cloud ceilings are made from wood pallets. The bar beam and the counter tops and prep tables are all repurposed. Our goal is be as green as possible. Some might say "its only you, one person can't make a difference", but oh boy are they wrong. Nobody is perfect but its the effort and the little things you do that make a difference. The more we speak out about it the more others see and get interested in the topic. With the help of all of you, we will make a difference. 


We also want to help animals by partnering with animals shelters to help the little guys there find homes. As well as donating some proceeds to humane animal shelters. 

We are really excited to start this new journey, and we hope you all can be apart of it. 

It's more than just eating grass indeed. 

Dog Walker
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